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An opinion column about a young woman’s cultural and identity quest journey

I want to share in the following lines my experience and the vision behind the account The French Caribbean Writer.

Growing up with a low background on our “cultural” neighbours’ history…

As far as I can remember, I didn’t attend a serious full-time course about Guadeloupe islands’ history and about our Caribbean fellow citizens. The idea itself of “being Caribbean” was not infused among us. However, I know that some associations were already doing the job, such as CORECA, based in Guadeloupe.

I remember that I applied successfully to a special program in high school called “Eurocaraïbe” class. At that time, I found the idea really weird. How could we call…

About my journey with art-therapy with Nelfa

Art and compassion: it’s the name of the 10-week art-therapy session I’m about to finish in a couple of days. That one was organized and facilitated by the artist Nelfa. I already talked about her work here. That course — well “experience” would be a better fit here — has been transformative in many ways. She asked for a feedback so I think that my answers might be useful to many who would be interested.

The “why” of having chosen to follow those sessions

As far as I can remember, I have always been curious. You know, that (un?)healthy sense of curiosity that pushes you to look out for…

A short story about a Grandma’s love in a Caribbean island

This story belongs to a lovingly named series “Sweetnesses of My Childhood.” I’ve translated my first short story, initially written in French. You can read it thanks to the link below:

Anusha!” My grandmother’s yelling made me wake up with a jolt. I just had time to get my wits back and to slowly go out from my slumber. I remembered today was a celebration day. Today, we were going to celebrate my Indian ancestors’ arrival on the Guadeloupe islands coasts. I could hear male voices coming from outside, and was able to identify my Grandpa Gilbert’s. He was giving…

A short story of candy, love and nostalgia in Guadeloupe islands

During an online-creative writing workshop last month, I gave my imagination a space to express itself, thanks to stimulating exercises. Here is the result that I happily share here.

I could see the pan’s fire sputter and steam, outside, under the mango tree. It smelled good. This majestic mango tree, under which we used to go, to play with my cousins. Large green leaves, juicy and tasty fruits, that I was pleased to devour during the dedicated season, under a baking sun.

Granny was behind the furnaces. …

A “safe space” to get anchored and write your story

Side note: This is my first article in English (except the ones I had to write in English classes). It’s an exercise which feels a little bit scary but exciting at the same time. I had a conversation the other day with one of my dearest friends on this Earth and who is currently learning. I told her: “You know what I like the most in learning a new language? It forces you to be humble and simpler in how you talk to people and when you explain your ideas”. So that’s the spirit, and here we are.

Two weeks…

Yasmina Victor-Bihary

Soul-pouring into words and stories digital space | Daydreamer and words lover certified | Let’s talk peeps!

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